Six Organs - One OAX-System

The evolution of the legendary Open-Art-System

Here you can find all information about the WERSI OAX-System. The WERSI OAX-System runs on every WERSI OAX-Organ with the same features. Further specifications for each organ you can find on its own detail page, if you select the organ below.

The EASY PLAY Concept


When the instrument is switched on, only the most important controls are displayed and everything is shown as it is on the instrument itself. Firstly at the top; the total preset with which you can change everything with the push of a button. Followed by the upper manual, the lower manual and bass at the bottom including accompaniment.


Tap a sound timbre on the control panel and a page opens with the

corresponding instruments. And just like with a modern smartphone you can "move" the registers. The same applies to the lower manual, the bass and the accompaniment section. You will be amazed that you can use the PERGAMON in EASY-MODE without a user-guide! Tap a tab twice, then a new control panel appears on the display, but only the one you need at that moment. Simply great to use and you can enjoy the great sound of the instruments without struggling with over complicated manuals.


Naturally you can also switch the PERGAMON into the professional mode if you want to layer more than three sounds at a time. Then everything becomes more comprehensive – yet not rocket science. The new PRO-MODE allows you to distribute up to 16 timbres across the manuals as well as many other settings.




Unique WERSI Timbres


The Sonic not only impresses with its large display and its ease of use. It also with the great sound that were made possible with newly developed audio-boards. Listen to the wind instruments, the convincing grand piano, the choirs, the great strings with huge, deep timpani. The many cutting-edge synthesizer sounds, which are usually only found on the most expensive synths. And, of course, the fascinating organ sounds, which can be edited via drawbars. What a pleasure to pull out slowly and enjoy the change of the organ sound.


Special effects can be controlled via the Aftertouch function, which is available on both manuals of the PERGAMON. For example, control the vibrato of the panpipe by slightly pressing the key. Open the filter for synth sounds or turn your trumpets into fantastic shake trumpets. You simply must try it!




WERSI Draw Bars


Admittedly, nothing works better than the genuine drawbars of an organ! That unique "lush" feeling when sliding them in and out ... it simply inspires every organ fan. With the WERSI drawbar sound you play the classic WERSI sound, and the WERSI VB3 gets you as close as possible to the classic electro-mechanical sound: Yes, it is the sound of the old mechanical sound wheels! Pull out one drawbar after another and then turn the rotor to Slow or Fast - the sound will blow you from your stool or better ... from the organ bench!




Integrated Synthesizer


A professional and very flexible synthesizer was integrated into the WERSI PERGAMON. With three oscillators, analogue and wavetable synthesis, rich Unisono-Waveforms and multimode filters; over 400 modern Synth sound colors are available. The Arpeggiator impresses with fantastic arpeggio patterns.






Fantastic Grand Piano Sounds


Experience the natural and unmistakable sound of a great concert Grand piano with a sound diversity that includes all genres from classical, jazz, musicals over pop. 6 dynamic layers plus additional soundboards with a memory size of 1 gigabyte are equipped so that you can reach the entire sound range from gentle Pianissimo to powerful Fortissimo. Prepare for an absolutely Grand experience with the new WERSI PERGAMON!



Fabulous Strings


Whether moving film music, sophisticated classical compositions or soul-laden ballads, here you will find a symphony orchestra and a chamber orchestra with strings, brass and woodwinds and fantastic orchestral percussion at the touch of a button. The painstaking composition of individual sound colors is no longer necessary - finally, you can concentrate on the essentials. The PERGAMON orchestra promises that you will conduct and play with a ton of joy and enthusiasm!



Realistic Choir


The PERGAMON offers extremely realistic and expressive choral sound colors. Whether jazzy Scat singing, classical choir or modern pop vocals! In the PERGAMON you will find the right choir for your music.








Real Accordion-Sounds


When you select Accordion Live, an original Accordion register appears in the display. If you switch from one register to the other, you can also hear the original Shift clicks. And then the sounds! Incredible! You can find all the usual accordion sounds. Real Sonore Hohner Morino sounds, the beautiful double octave sound (4 pedal with 16 pedal) or the famous French Musette accordion, in which the individual choruses are slightly detuned, thus producing the lively floating Musette sound. This allows very effective French accordion Chansons to be played or the world-famous Styrian button accordion sounds.




PERGAMON-Accompany Arrangement


The incredibly realistic drumming grooves (Realdrums) are genuine drum sounds that have been recorded in the recording studio with multiple microphones. The bass sounds are just as good. Electric bass or acoustic bass. These two also seem incredibly real and are fascinating. Furthermore, a modern multimedia player is available for many formats.











Modern Hardware and Software


A new audio board with excellent technical specs was developed for the OAX system. This results in the clear and warm sound of the organ. WINDOWS 10 64bit and the powerful PC components like a powerful CPU, fast RAM and the SSD hard drive are the basis for a modern and future-oriented music instrument.



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