The following demos are exclusively live-recorded titles, which use styles and timbres from the basic range. Only the OAX-internal recording function is used and no sequencers or similar tools. For many recordings the STS presets matching the style were used.


For the titles Sunny, Invitations and This Old House, styles are used that were originally programmed for the YAMAHA Tyros and converted for these demos with the conversion function available in the OAX system. When playing these styles, only the sound colors of the OAX system are used.





Epiano - Alt Saxophon

Diatonisches Akkordion


E-Piano - Tenor Saxophon



Epiano -Panflöte mit Synthebackground


Modernes Piano

Piano dumpfer

Standard Flügel Pop

E-Gitarre, Pedalsteel


E-Gitarre, Drawbars

E-Gitarre, Drawbars


Brass, Sax-Section

SuperSynth, WorldMotion, CreamyArpeggio, Vocalizing Pad, ClubRotaion, Vangelis Pad, Dull Square, Triangle Arpeggio, Dirty Sweep, Square Sync, Rhythmic Pad

E-Piano, B3

E-Piano+Flügel, Brass Sektion

Drawbars Perkussion, Drawbars Voll

Foxtrott Besen

Sweat Beat

Oberkrainer Polka

Beguine 2

Bossa Nova 2

Tango 1

Slow Rock 3

Slow Rock 2

Tango 1

Beat Ballade 2

Ballade 1

8 Beat

Country Hits

Samba 1

Twist 1

Schlager Beat 1


Foxtrott Besen





Blues Rock

Jazz Pop

Rock'n Roll



Total Preset STS 1

Total Preset STS 1



 Notensbeispiel Total Preset 131


 Notensbeispiel Total Preset 135




Total Presets STS 1 und 3

Total Preset STS 4

Total Presets STS 2 und 3

Total Presets STS 1 und 4


Sax-Section mit WersiChord

Einzeln gespielte Synthe-Sounds hintereinander gelegt.



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