Finally, there is a keyboard monitor that delivers the quality of sound that you expect for your precious WERSI instruments. Experience brilliant sound in brilliant form: Experience WERSI Vocalis!

High-end acoustics can be found in an aesthetically and high-quality column housing - with an incredible price to performance ratio!

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High Definition Active Speaker


Single price per speaker495€ORDER ONLINEThe WERSI Vocalis loudspeakers are distinguished by a homogeneous character with a tendency to brilliance. The mids are clearly defined and in the bass range is calm and balanced. Thanks to the high-frequency ribbon transformers, the user receives an absolutely high-resolution monitoring signal, which perfectly reproduces the transients in the mid and high-frequency range, without ever being overpowering.




High Gloss Finish in WERSI Design


On the outside, the WERSI Vocalis is characterized by an absolutely aesthetic and high-quality column housing, which creates a great appearance in a variety of environments. Thanks to its high-quality processing, the Vocalis loudspeakers are also suitable for integration into HIFI environments (CD players, TV and other signal sources offer a pleasant listening experience), as well as all kinds of keyboard and e-piano setups, in addition to entertainment in hotels and bars. You can see that WERSI has done its homework.




The Most Important Features at a Glance


• 4" Woofer with concave aluminium diaphragm

• Ribbon tweeter (magnetostat)

• Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz

• Frequency range: 35Hz - 28kHz

• Amplifier Power: 120W RMS, 200W music

• Built-in limiter

• 1x Line In / Parallel Out on XLR combo jacks

• Level control

• Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.2 x 109 x 28.6 cm

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