The OAX technology is now also available as a one-man keyboard. The new OAX1 offers you all the possibilities of the OAX system in a compact housing and at a super price!

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Innovative Sound and Technology – The new OAX-Keyboard!


immediately available7.990€ORDER ONLINEFamous predecessor - The ABACUS KS1 was the first keyboard in the world to be based entirely on a complete Windows PC and thereby sets new standards. The new OAX1 continues trailblazing by presenting itself as a modern and innovative keyboard. The latest operating system Windows 10, a fast processor, the intuitive operation and the certainty to be prepared for the future, are highlights of the OAX1.


76 Key Deluxe Keyboard  - The high-quality 76-key keyboard lets you distribute up to 16 timbres on the keyboard. With sophisticated dynamics and aftertouch, you can add the finishing touches to the sound.


Real-Time Operation - During the development of the OAX1, particular emphasis was placed on simple and direct operation. Due to the large number of controls, their logical arrangement and the 13.3 "touch display, controlling the OAX1 is child's play. The volume of the manuals and the accompanying tracks can be changed via comfortable drawbars at any time. This gives you direct access even during playing.


Variable drawbar sounds with the OX7 and the VB3 - The sound of the Sinus drawbars will always be associated with names like Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert or Jimmy Smith, who have given this sound a distinctive identity with their typical playing style. Vary the organ sound in real time via the 9 drawbars (Upper / Right) and 7 drawbars (Lower / Left).



Top features at a glance



    Modern Workstation


    Integrated speaker system


    Idea with a future










    “State of the Art“ Organ Arrangement and next generation Production Workstation


    2 x 60 Watt high quality speakers for treble, mids and bass


    Full software control over all functions and timbres, continuous development of the entire system, update via download possible - the times when every change required complex and expensive hardware modifications are now long behind us.


    In PRO mode, a total of 16 sound colours can be distributed to the manuals. In this case, either the upper or submanual can be fitted with max. 12 sounds.


    Alternatively, the classic EASY mode with three sound colors on the upper and lower part as well as a pedal sound color





    Sound Generation







    Draw bars












    1500 factory timbres for all musical styles


    Sampling, Wavetable-Synthesis, FM-Synthesis, Analog-Synthesis


    Theoretically unrestricted, only limited by CPU performance


    6 Easy-Sound-Controls per timbre (Equalizer, Echo, Sample Start point, Attack, Release, Vibrato, Filter and much more.


    Top class integrated Wersi OAX7 and VB3 Organ Software-Simulations, controllable via real draw bars.


    Four Send effects with Hall1, Hall 2, Chorus and Echo; further effects are already pre-programmed into the timbres.


    Three timbres each on the upper and lower manual as well as a pedal timbre.


    Up to 16 timbres can be distributed over the manual, with a maximum of 12 voices per manual.


    6 effect buttons to trigger effects such as Crash cymbals or vocal effects.





    Personal Total-Presets


    Play Areas










    The permanently stored factory total presets show the tonal possibilities


    5000 personal Total Presets programmable


    An individual play area can be assigned on the manuals for each timbre - allowing complex sound worlds to be created.


    You can store a style, MIDI sequence or MultiMedia file in the total preset with individualized settings.


    Individual settings for the four Send effects


    Pedal manual, Effect-Sound- Assignment





    Harmony Detection









    ACC-Data Bank




    350 Factory Styles, 150 of those with Live Realdrums; all Styles with Sound-To-Styles-Function


    One Finger-WERSI, Easy Mode 1 and 2, Chord-Mode, Chord-Mode with Bass, Interval-Mode, Organist-Mode, Pedal-Mode, Piano-Mode


    WERSI-Styles of the OAS-Series, Style-Conversion possible


    Plays General MIDI Sequences; Volumes of the 16 channels saveable in Total Presets


    Renewed Multimedia Player plays all conventional Audio and Video formats


    Style/MIDI/Mp3/Wave/Video data bank with management function of up to 5000 personal files.


    Record-to-Mp3 Function for directly recording in Mp3 format








    Manual Dynamic






    Floor Manual


    Expression Pedals


    Control Panels


    Organ Drawbars


    Function Drawbars



    Display Languages


    Display Design



    13,3" Colour Multi-touch Display in 16:9 cinema format (Resolution 1366 x 768)


    High quality weighted FATAR keyboard with 61 keys,

    Velocity sensitive and Channel After-Touch


    Freely programmable dynamic curves, individual allocation of all manual timbres possible


    17 key pedal with velocity sensitivity sold separately


    Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel


    Footswitches sold separately


    Expression pedal curve per manual sound and Accompaniment freely programmable


    Uncomplicated user interface with exceptional control buttons


    9 Upper manual drawbars and 7 Lower manual drawbars


    Freely configurable drawbar “CC“ to control special functions, organ drawbars also useable for data entry


    German, English, French and Dutch


    Individually adjustable display design


  • VST-Host


    VST 3.0 Host


    Total number of Plugins








    With up to 16 VST instruments and 16 VST effects (partially pre-programmed with factory plugins


    Signal-path completely routable in VST Host


    Multiple VST configuration saveable



    Input mixer



    Output mixer






    Separate inputs for the manuals and accompaniment sound, drums and RealDrums with their own equalizer.


    With separate volume and EQ settings for Line Out 1, 2 and headphones


    Separate presets for the input and output mixer can be stored.


    Multiple VST-configurations saveable



    Central Electronic


    RAM memory


    Hard-drive storage


    Additional storage devices


    Operating System


    Modern motherboard with i7 processor


    8 GB RAM (6 GB usable for own samples), optional up to max. 32 GB RAM


    SSD hard-drive with 250GB guarantees fastest loading times


    DVD or optional Blu-ray


    Windows 10 64 Bit











    Audio inputs


    Audio outputs




    Internal connections


    4 x USB 2.0 on the front, additional USB 3.0 on the rear




    1 x High End Microphone preamp incl. phantom power (XLR/Jack Combo socket)


    HDMI Video output


    1 x Line-IN Stereo right/left (XLR/Jack Combo socket)


    2 x Line-OUT Stereo right/left (Jack)


    2 x MIDI IN / OUT / THRU


    Pedal and express pedal connection via Sub-D socket












    Available in premium lacquers in the following finishes:

    • Black - High Gloss

    • White – High Gloss

    • more per request


    Width x Height x Depth: 1220 x 465 x 180 mm


    24 kg incl. organ bench

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