The preferred organ for artists

The sound experience you can expect from the PERGAMON is as sovereign and breathtaking as its appearance. It is not for nothing that this top organ is the preferred instrument of artists of world renown.


The third manual

The third manual offers decisive playing advantages and greatly expands your creative freedom while playing! Because even faster, when you have called up a new preset or changed a sound, you simply reach for another manual.

25-key pedal, pistons and speakers

Three high-quality manuals

Electric bench seat

Unique design

Whichever exterior finish you choose for your dream organ: With its elegant, timeless design, the PERGAMON attracts attention and becomes the centre of attention in your living room as well as on stage! And then take a seat, yes, get “into” your dream orchestra and let the electrically adjustable seat lift you to the highest level of instrument making. With three manuals, each with 76 keys and a 25-button full pedal, you can conjure up the most wonderful arrangements on your PERGAMON, from a delicate solo instrument to a large symphony orchestra, from a church organ to a club disco.


Integrated Loudspeakers

The PERGAMON OAX1000 is equipped with a high-quality speaker system. For perfect sound, 2 x 100 watts in the lower section provide the bass and mid-range sound and 2 x 60 watts in the upper section provide the treble. The sound will inspire you!

Overview of all PERGAMON OAX1000 features


An idea with a future:
Full software control of all functions and sounds, constant further development of the entire system, updates via download possible – the times when every change required complex and expensive hardware modifications are now a thing of the past

Instrument construction on superlative Level:
1989 the Atlantis SN3, 2001 the LOUVRE and today it is the PERGAMON OAX1000.

Further highlights:

  • Complete OAX operating system
  • High-quality, lightly weighted FATAR keyboards for upper, lower and solo manual with 76 keys, each with velocity and Channel Aftertouch
  • Advanced control panel functions
  • 25-key pedal with velocity sensitive touch
  • 5 pistons and 2 foot switches on the swell pedal
  • 13.2″ Color Multitouch Display
  • 9-way upper manual drawbar, 9-way percussion drawbar and 9-way lower manual drawbar
  • 16-fold drawbar set for volume
  • 10 effect sound buttons
  • Including electrically adjustable bench seat
  • Integrated sound system with 2 x 30 Watt for the treble in the upper part and 2 x 80 Watt for the bass and midrange sound in the lower part
  • Colours: High gloss black, mother of pearl white, brown metallic, others on request

2000 factory soundsand 57 drum sets for all musical styles

Church organ:
Historical church organ built by the master organ builder Gottfried Silbermann (1683-1753).

Sound productions:
Sampling, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis, analog synthesis

Theoretically unlimited, only limited by CPU power

Sound controls:
Six Easy-Sound-Controls per timbre -> Equalizer, Delay, Sample Start Point, Attack, Release, Vibrato, Filter and much more

Wersi OAX7 and VB3 organ software simulations of the highest quality, permanently integrated, controllable via real drawbars

Four send effects with Hall 1, Hall 2, Chorus and Echo; further effects individually programmed in the sound.

EASY mode:
Three sounds each on the upper and lower manual and one solo pedal sound

PROFI mode:
Up to 16 timbres can be distributed among the manuals. Maximum of 12 voices each for the upper, middle or lower manual

Effect sounds:
Ten effect sound buttons to play effects such as crash cymbal or vocal effects

Music archive:
The Music Archive is a list of Total Presets, in which the right timbres and style with the right tempo are stored for a specific track. The Music Archive is divided into the sections WORLD with 600 titles and GERMAN with 300 titles. In the OWN section you can add your own favourite titles to the Music Library.

Factory Total Presets:
The permanently stored factory total presets show the sonic possibilities

Own total presets:
5000 own Total Presets can be stored

Playing areas/split points:
For each sound an individual playing area can be assigned to the manuals – this way complex sound worlds can be composed

One Style, MIDI sequence or MultiMedia file each can be saved in the Total Preset with individual settings

Individual settings for the four send effects

Foot switch assignments, effect sound assignments, notes, drawbar settings, tempo, transpose

Style player:
370 factory styles, 150 of them with Live Realdrums

STS presets:
Four STS presets are stored for each of the 370 Factory Styles. Select a style and play directly with the STS presets to create the right sounds

Harmony recognition:
One-Finger-WERSI, Easy Mode 1 and 2, Chord-Mode, Chord-Mode with Bass, Interval-Mode, Organist-Mode, Pedal-Mode, Piano-Mode

Convert Styles:
Your OAX instrument directly loads the older styles of the OAS series, styles of other manufacturers can be converted with paid extensions.

MIDI player:
Plays General MIDI sequences; volume levels of the 16 channels can be stored in Total Presets

Multimedia player:
Updated Multimedia Player plays all common audio formats

ACC database:
Style/MIDI/Mp3/Wave/Video database with management function of up to 5000 own files

Audio recording:
With the audio recording you can directly record your performance and save it in wave format

13.3″ Color Multitouch Display in 16:9 cinema format (resolution 1366 x 768)

High-quality, lightly weighted FATAR keyboards for upper, lower and solo manual with 76 keys, each with velocity and Channel Aftertouch

Manual dynamics:
Freely programmable dynamic curves, individual assignment to all manual tones possible

Foot pedals:
25-button full pedal with touch dynamics

Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel

Foot switch:
5 pistons and 2 footswitches on the swell pedal, all freely assignable and individually storable per Total Preset

Swell curve per manual sound and accompagnement freely programmable

Control panels:
Clearly arranged control panel with high-quality push buttons

Organ drawbars:
9 drawbars each for the upper and lower manual drawbars and 9 percussion drawbars

Functional drawbar:
Freely configurable drawbar “CC” for controlling special functions, organ drawbar can also be used for data input

Display languages:
German, English, French and Dutch

VST 3.0 Host:

Total number of plugins:
with up to 16 VST Instruments and 16 VST Effects (partly preset with factory plug-ins)

Signal paths can be routed in the VST Host as required

VST presets:
Several VST configurations can be stored

Input mixer:
Separate sections for the manuals and accompaniment sound, drums and RealDrums, each with its own equalizer. The Line-In and Wave inputs for playing audio files each have their own equalizer, send and insert effects. The microphone input is equipped with two send effects, an insert effect and a talk function.

Output mixer:
With separate volume and EQ settings for Line Out 1, 2 and headphones

Separate presets can be stored for the input and output mixer

Central electronics:
Modern motherboard with i7 processor

RAM memory:
32 GB RAM (24 GB of which can be used for your own samples)

Hard disk space:
Super fast M.2 hard disk with 250 GigaByte guarantees shortest loading times

Other storage media:
DVD or optionally Blu-ray

Operating system:
Windows 10 64 bit

4 x USB 2.0 on the front, further USB 3.0 on the back

6,3mm stereo jack

1 x High End microphone preamplifier incl. phantom power (XLR/jack combo socket)

HDMI Video Output

Audio inputs:
1 x Line-IN stereo right/left (XLR/jack combo jack)

Audio outputs:
2 x Line-OUT Stereo right/left (jack)


MIDI over USB function for direct connection to PC and Mac

Available in high quality lacquering in the following colours:

  • Black Metallic
  • White High gloss
  • Brown Metallic
  • other colours on request

Width x height x depth: 1380 x 1150 x 1580 mm

190 kg incl. 25-button pedal and organ bench (Maximum load 100kg)

Inquire about the status of the current equipment before buying.