The following demos are exclusively live-recorded tracks, using styles and timbres from the factory. Only the OAX internal recording function is used and no audio workstation like Cubase or similar tools. For many recordings, the STS presets matching the style were used. For some demos a MIDI sequence is used

For the titles Sunny, Invitations and This Old House, styles are used that were originally programmed for the YAMAHA Tyros and converted for these demos using the conversion function available in the OAX system. When playing these styles, only the sound colors of the OAX system are used.

Hallo kleine Fräulein (German song from the 50th)

Chords / Foxtrot Broom / Total Preset 996

Auf der Autobahn (European folk music)

Diatonic Accordion / Oberkrainer Polka / Total Preset STS 1

Magic Fly – MammaGamma – Miami Vice – Popcorn

Various Synthe-Sounds / Total Preset 985 to 988 – MIDI Sequence playback without melody

Red is the wine

Mandolin / Beguine 2 / Total Preset STS 1

She`s too fat for me 

Brass in the James Last Sound / Total Preset 989 – MIDI Sequence

Girl from Ipanema

E-Piano – Tenor Saxophone / Bossa Nova 2

Look what you’ve done to me

VB3 Organ / Total Preset 981 – MIDI Sequence playback without melody

Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne … (German “Schlager” from the 40th)

Accordion / Tango 1


Electric guitar / Slow Rock 3 / sample sheet Total Preset 131


Trumpet / Total Preset 999 – MIDI Sequence playback without melody

Saving All My Love For You

Epiano -panflute with Synthe Background / Slow Rock 2 / Total Preset 991

Tanze mit mir in den Morgen (German “Schlager” from the 60th)

Bandoneon / Tango 1 / Note example Total Preset 135

Walk between the raindrops

VB3 Organ/ Total Preset 1000 – MIDI Sequence playback without melody

Piano Ballad Improvisation

Wings duller / Ballad 1

Country improvisation

Electric Guitar, Pedalsteel / Country Hits / Total Presets STS 1 and 3

Amor Amor Amor (Samba)

Drawbars / Samba 1 / Total Presets STS 4

Let`s twist again

Electric guitar, drawbars / Twist 1 / Total Presets STS 2 and 3

Pop Improvisation

Electric guitar, drawbars / Schlager Beat 1 / Total Presets STS 1 and 4

Strings Improvisation

Symphony Orchestra

WERSI Chord Improvisation

Winds, Saxophone Section / Foxtrot Broom / Saxophone Section with WersiChord

Single Synthesizer Sounds 

SuperSynth, WorldMotion, CreamyArpeggio, Vocalizing Pad, ClubRotaion, Vangelis Pad, Dull Square, Triangle Arpeggio, Dirty Sweep, Square Sync, Rhythmic Pad / Individually played synth sounds played one after the other)


E-piano, B3 / Blues Rock / Style imported from YAMAHA


Electric Piano+Pianos, Brass Section / Jazz Pop / Style imported from YAMAHA

This Old House

Drawbars Percussion, Drawbars Full / Rock’n Roll / Style imported from YAMAHA Tyros 5

Nobody loves me like you do

Modern Piano / Beat Ballad 2 / Total Preset 992

Piano Beat Improvisation

Standard grand piano pop / 8 beat

Gazing the Clouds

Epiano – Alto Saxophone / Sweat Beat