WERSI – Musical Instruments Made in Germany

Originally, WERSI was considered the German manufacturer of electronic organs, most of which were sold as kits to make them affordable for smaller bands and hobby musicians. After the takeover of the MUSIC STORE professional GmbH in 2010, WERSI still stands for noble design and absolute state-of-the-art technology. Convince yourself!

Tradition since 1969

WERSI – as a specialist company for high-quality musical instruments Made in Germany – was founded in 1969. The founders were the brothers Wilhelm-Erich and Reinhard Franz from Werlau near St. Goar / Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis. The name WERSI is derived from the birthplace WERlau and the district town SImmern at that time. The former location of the company was in the industrial area in Halsenbach. Even today the large elongated hall-like buildings can still be seen.

Played by musicians from all over the world

For more than 40 years now, the name WERSI has stood for innovative musical instruments, which enjoy a high popularity among artists from radio and television. The name WERSI is just as popular with many thousands of music friends all over the world, who either own a WERSI instrument or are enthusiastic about the concerts and music recordings of the WERSI artists. The extraordinary relationship with musicians all over the world has a long tradition at WERSI. Whether Klaus Wunderlich, Lalo Schiffrin (“Mission Impossible”) Jimmy Smith (“The Cat Strikes Again”), Franz Lambert, Curt Prina, Ady Zehnpfennig, Mark Whale, Hady Wolff, Robert Bartha and Claudia Hirschfeld – they have all designed tours or produced music CDs with WERSI instruments.

Video of the group Daft Punk with a WERSI DELTA in glass.

Instruments through the ages

Much has changed in the last five decades in which WERSI has developed and marketed musical instruments. The sound and the operation of the instruments. The electronics used. And of course the design of the instruments and the associated advertising.

Acquisition by Music Store

Since 2010 WERSI has been part of Music Store professional GmbH, the largest music store in Europe. In addition to worldwide distribution, Music Store has also taken over the complete development of the technologies used. This is done by a team of experts on site in Cologne. Our specialists are working on this day after day to develop even more beautiful organs with even more beautiful sounds for you. The WERSI-Studio Hochrhein has taken over the production. You can look forward to a product “Made in Germany”.

Premium keyboards and organs

Today WERSI is one of the market leaders in the premium product segment with the keyboard and organ models of the OAS system and the new SONIC. Since the development of the current keyboard and organ models, it is now possible for the first time, without any changes in the hardware area, to make the instruments with a variety of music software as well as extensions in the area of rhythm/accompaniment and midi functions, improvements in the area of overall operation, etc.