Room filling and crystal clear

The TS9000 offers a room-filling, warm rich hi-fi sound and a bass sound that gets under your skin. And it’s crystal clear at any volume.the power amp and crossover are perfectly tuned to the specially selected speaker. The 200 watt power amp offers plenty of reserves when you’re playing to the house party. With the WERSI TS9000, making music on your organ or keyboard becomes an experience.


Overview of all TS9000 features


– active speakers, built-in 200 W – power amplifier

– Ribbon tweeter (magnetostat)

– Transfer frequency: 2.5kHz

– Frequency range: 35Hz – 28kHz

– Amp power: 120W RMS, 200W music

– Built-in limiter

– 1x Line In / Parallel Out on XLR combo jacks

– Level control

– Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.2 x 109 x 28.6 cm