50 years of innovation in sound and technology

For over 50 years the name WERSI has stood for innovative musical instruments. During this time many advanced technologies have been developed for the products. From this, legendary WERSI instruments such as the W248, HELIOS, GALAXIS or DELTA, SPECTRA and ATLANTIS were developed over the decades. At the beginning of the 90s, the WERSI DIGITAL Piano and the PEGASUS Keyboard, the world’s first musical instrument with a touch display. And with the beginning of the new millennium, it was the OpenArt system that set new standards with instruments like ABACUS, SCALA or LOUVRE.

The future is now called OAX!

By using the latest technologies, the results of consistent further development and intensive market observation, the next generation has been created, the current WERSI OAX system. With this instrument, WERSI once again raises the bar of what is technically feasible. The now complete control of the entire system via software enables a previously unimagined flexibility that has not been achieved by other manufacturers.

From the OAX1 keyboard to the large PERGAMON OAX1000, all instruments are equipped with the same possibilities, styles and sounds!

Display der OAX Serie

The simple operation

The EASY Mode

After switching on the instrument, only the most important controls are displayed. Everything is displayed exactly as it appears on the instrument. At the top, first the Total Preset, which allows you to change everything with one keystroke. Then the upper manual, below it the lower manual and at the very bottom bass and accompaniment.

Easy Mode

Tap a sound button on the control panel and a page with the corresponding instruments opens. And just like on a modern smartphone, you can “move” the tabs. The same applies to the lower manual, bass and accompaniment section. You will be amazed that you can operate your instrument in EASY-MODE without a manual! Tap a register twice and another control panel will appear on the display, but only the one you need at that moment. Simply great to use and you enjoy the great sound of the instruments without having to struggle through large manuals.

The PROFI Mode

Of course, you can also switch the instrument to professional mode if you want to layer more than three sounds on top of each other. Then everything becomes more extensive – but it’s still not magic

The PROFI MODE allows you to distribute up to 16 timbres to the manuals and many other setting options. In the Soundpool section you can always see how many sounds you can still distribute to the manuals.

Create a split for the lower manual and play two sounds on the right side and three sounds on the right side.

Profi Mode
Selektor aus dem SoundPool ziehen
Selektor verschieben

The Soundpool

To assign another sound to a manual, hold the SOUNDPOOL with one finger. Then drag a new selector to the desired manual and simply “drop” the selector there.

Shifting sounds

Sounds can be moved to a different position within the manuals and can also be moved between upper and lower. In the example we move the sound “Entertainer Pad 2” from the lower manual to the upper manual between the sounds “Strings Organ” and “Tenorsax Section”.

The Music Archive

The Music Archive is a list of Total Presets, in which the correct sounds on the manuals and the Style with the correct tempo are stored for 900 music titles. The list is divided into the sections WORLD with 600 titles and GERMAN with 300 titles. In the OWN section you can even add your own favourite titles to the music archive. In the columns FAV1 and FAV2 you can mark your favourites in two lists and thus quickly access the titles.

Choose your favourite title and without any further settings you can start playing right away.

Das Musik Archiv mit 900 Titeln

The STS Presets

Four STS presets are stored for each factory style. Choose a style and play with the STS presets to get the right sounds. It couldn’t be simpler!

STS Presets
Die Total Presets

The Total Presets

A Total Presets stores all important settings. The selected sounds, the set drawbars, the appropriate accompaniment and scores, as well as footswitch and mixer settings.

This allows you to conjure up the most versatile arrangements in no time at all, which you can then save in thousands of Total Presets and, if necessary, conjure them up again “at the touch of a button”.


The Score Display

With the OAX system we bring notes directly to the display of your organ. You can even invite your own scores.

Save the correct style, sounds and the score for a song to a Total Preset.

Forty titles are included and more can be purchased through unlocks.


The unique WERSI sound

Musical instruments from WERSI have always distinguished themselves through a careful selection of sounds.

Only in this way has the WERSI sound been able to gain a special reputation throughout the world.

With the OAX system we have once again taken completely new paths to improve the WERSI sound experience even further. Through a new sound generation process and a drastic increase in storage capacity, stereo sound colours of undreamt-of quality are now possible.

The factory tones can be changed, exchanged and even expanded with completely new tones or completely new sound generation systems without the installation of new and expensive components

Streicher Klangfarben

Legendary Strings

Whether moving film music, sophisticated classical compositions or emotionally charged ballads – here you can find a symphony and chamber orchestra with strings, brass and woodwinds and fantastic orchestral percussion at the touch of a button. The tedious compilation of individual sounds is no longer necessary – finally you can concentrate on the essentials

Flügel und Klavier

Fantastic grand piano sounds

Experience the natural and unmistakable sound of a large concert grand piano, whose sound variety encompasses all musical genres such as classical, jazz, musical and pop. Six dynamic layers plus an additional soundboard with a memory capacity of one gigabyte are available to enable you to reach the entire sound spectrum from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo. An absolute grand piano experience!

Chor Klangfarben

Realistic choirs

The keyboard offers extremely realistic and expressive choral sounds.

Whether jazzy scat singing, classical choir or modern pop vocals!

With an OAX instrument you will find the right choir for your music

Die Bläser Klangfarben

Great wind instruments

From classical wind instruments such as trumpet or oboe or the right clarinet for your Oberkrainer music to cool brass sections for swing and jazz.

That brings joy when making music.

With your OAX instrument you are always at the forefront.

Der WERSI OX7 Zugriegelklang

With the WERSI VB3 you are very close to the old electromechanical sound: Yes, it is the sound of the old mechanical sound wheels! Pull out one drawbar after the other and then switch the rotor to slow or fast – the sound will knock you off your stool or better … from the organ bench!

Live drawbars

Admittedly, nothing grips better than the drawbars of an organ! This “full” feeling when pulling it out… that simply inspires every organ fan. With the WERSI OX7 you play the classic WERSI sound.

VB3 Zugriegel
Einmalige Akkordeon Klangfarben

Real accordion sounds

As soon as you select Accordion Live, an original accordion tab bar appears in the display. When you switch from one register to the other, you will hear the original switch click. And then the sounds! Unbelievable! You can find all common accordion sounds. Real sonorous Hohner Morino sounds, the beautiful double octave sound (4 feet with 16 feet) or the famous French musette accordion, where the individual choirs are slightly out of tune with each other to produce the lively floating musette sound. With it you can play very effectively French accordion chansons or the world-famous Styrian button accordion sounds

The Silbermann church organ from 1742


Historische Ansicht der Silbermann Orgel

Since 1742 it has been sounding in the Zöblitz town church: the organ of the great Freiberg master Gottfried Silbermann (1683 -1753)

Silbermann received the same amount for the organ in Zöblitz as for many of the organs of this size: 800 Taler, but in addition he received 2 Taler 18 Groschen for himself and 4 Taler tip for his journeymen.

You can also play this unique historical church organ on your OAX instrument.

Bedienung der Register im Profi Mode

The registers

Oberwerk – Upper manual
Gedackt 8′, reed pipe 4′, Nassat 3′, Octava 2′, Tertia 1 3/5′, Quinta 1 1/2′, Sufflet 1′ Cimbel II

Manual – Sub-manual
Principal 8′, Quintadena 8′, Rohrflöte 8′, Octava 4′, Spitzflöte 4′, Quinta 3′, Octava 2′, Mixtur IV, Cornett III

Subbass 16′ fold, Trombone bass 16′, Octave bass 8′

Integrated Synthesizer

A professional and very flexible synthesizer was integrated into the OAX system.

With three oscillators, analog and wavetable synthesis, bold unison waveform and multimode filters, there are over 400 modern synthetic sounds at your disposal.

The arpeggiator convinces with fantastic arpeggio patterns.

Der integrierte Synthesizer

The Accompaniment section

The Styles

Your accompanying band brings the OAX instruments with them: The factory styles were elaborate, but musically meaningful and versatile in four variations and arranged with intros, endings, fills and breaks. For many styles, the extraordinary REALDRUM technology from WERSI is used: Here, a drummer recorded live accompanies you with all the dynamic and musical subtleties that only a musician of “flesh and blood” is able to elicit from his instrument – and yet flexible and versatile with all the functions of a style!

In the factory area 370 styles are stored. 150 of them with Live Realdrums. A further 2000 storage spaces are available for your own styles.

Die Styles

But you can not only be accompanied by styles:

Der MIDI Sequenzer

The MIDI Sequencer

The MIDI sequencer plays sequences in General MIDI format. Adjustments to the sounds and volumes can be made quickly and easily at any time.

Der MIDI Sequenzer

The Audio player

Load AUDIO files in WAVE or MP3 format into your OAX instrument.

The Audio Recording

With audio recording, you can easily save your song as a digital recording. Of course, the recordings can also be exported to a USB stick to play the recorded music titles on any computer.

Die Audio Aufnahme

The Style Sequencer

With the style sequencer you can define the complete sequence of a song in advance.

Harmonies are changed automatically and fills, breaks, variations and total presets change as if by magic

Style Sequenzer

Our promises for the future

Constant further development

OAX instruments are among the first musical instruments at all that can be expanded via software, not only in sound and functions. This also means that you can give the instrument completely new features and functions via software.

This way, an OAX instrument will always be at the cutting edge of development, even after years of software updates.

So arbeiten unsere Entwickler

We won’t leave you!

Do you have a specific question about your OAX instrument? Or have you misplaced something and can’t get any further?

No problem: Our service staff can connect to your instrument via the Internet. So questions can be answered quickly and operating errors can be corrected quickly.

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