Here you will find the latest OAX software updates and the corresponding current documentation.

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OAX Brochure

OAX Brochure (EN)

OAX Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

OAX Software Version 2.80-01

From version V2.80 there are five installation files.

If you change from version V2.70 to V2.80, you only need the two files “Wersi Install” and “Software”. Even with updates where the last two numbers change, e.g. V 2.80-00 to V 2.80-01, only these two files are required.

More information can be found here.

For older WERSI instruments:

OAS Software

R47 from 01.07.2014 (Please note the new installation instructions!)

– OAS Software 7.1 R47 Part 1 — 730 MB

– OAS Software 7.1 R47 Part 2 — 705 MB

– OAS Software 7.1 R47 Part 3 — 720 MB

Pegasus Wing

Software Version 2.0