High gloss optics in WERSI design

Externally, the WERSI Vocalis impress with an absolutely aesthetic and high-quality designed column housing, which cuts a fine figure in the most diverse environments. Thanks to its high quality workmanship, the Vocalis loudspeakers are not only suitable for use as entertainers in hotels and bars, but also for integration in HIFI environments (CD player, TV and other signal sources become a pleasant listening experience) or in keyboard and epiano setups of all kinds. You can see that WERSI has done its homework.

Overview of all VOCALIS features


– 4″ woofer with concave aluminium cone

– Ribbon tweeter (magnetostat)

– Transfer frequency: 2.5kHz

– Frequency range: 35Hz – 28kHz

– Amp power: 120W RMS, 200W music

– Built-in limiter

– 1x Line In / Parallel Out on XLR combo jacks

– Level control

– Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.2 x 109 x 28.6 cm